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Am I charged a credit for email addresses that are not verified?
Am I charged a credit for email addresses that are not verified?
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We have real-time email verification, so anytime you download/export contacts we verify the emails in real time at that moment and show you the response codes. They are: Valid, Invalid, or Accept All. Here is an explanation of each:

Valid means the email server allows verification, and the email is 100% verified. Valid emails are 100% valid at the moment of download/export.

Accept All means the email server is set to accept all incoming mail, so we cannot 100% validate that the email is valid. You should use caution when emailing to "accept all" category. Or if you have a low bounce tolerance, you can choose to download the "valid only" and not download the accept all.

Invalid records cannot be downloaded/exported. They get sent to our manual research team to update.

You have a choice of downloading the "Valid Only" or the "Valid & Accept All". If you download the valid only, the email addresses are 100% accurate at the time of download. If you download the Valid & Accept All you will see some level of bounces from the Accept All emails.

You are only charged a credit for what you choose to download. So if you wan't 100% valid email addresses only you can download the "Valid Only" and never have to worry about bounces.


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