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Are the email addresses verified before I download or export?
Are the email addresses verified before I download or export?
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Yes, anytime you download or export leads, our system will verify the emails addresses in real-time provides back a response code for each email address. The response codes are as follows:


The email has a valid account associated with it. SAFE TO MAIL.


The email address is invalid. See the Secondary Statuses section below for more details. DO NOT MAIL. Invalid records cannot be downloaded or exported.


Accept-All emails are when a server is set to receive all emails at a specific domain, meaning these domains accept any email you send to them at first. So it appears as if all of the emails are Valid at that domain, but the company actually has a firewall or another spam tool that may remove the email message or send a bounce message at a later time. Since it’s possible there will be some bounces from the Accept-All category, please consider the following before mailing: If your ESP’s bounce threshold is 5% or less: DO NOT MAIL. If your ESP has given you a dedicated IP: MAIL SLOWLY.

After the email verification is complete you have a choice of downloading the "Valid Only" or the "Valid & Accept All". If you download the valid only, they are 100% accurate at the time of download. If you download the Valid & Accept All you will see some level of bounces from the Accept All.

You are only charged a credit for what you choose to download. So if you wan't 100% valid email addresses, you can only download the "Valid Only" and never have to worry about bounces.

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