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How do I upload a list of States to target?
How do I upload a list of States to target?
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Here are the instructions on uploading a list of States to target:

1) Login to your UpLead account

2) Click the "Location" tab on the left side menu, then scroll down all the way to the bottom, you will see some small text that says "Upload a list" - click on this.

3) Once you see the "Upload a list" popup, select the "State" option as your list type. Then name your list. Then just upload the list of states. (Please note: The excel file that you upload must contain one column only and should not include a header. File type should be excel .csv)

That should do it. You can also now continue filtering your search using the left side menu.

This list will now be saved to your "My Lists", so if you ever need to pull this same geographic area again, just click on the "Location" tab and scroll to the bottom where it says "Select from My Lists" - you will now be able to select the same list anytime in the future (so you won't need to upload the same excel file over and over again).

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