How do I pause my account?

We have a hibernation plan which is $2.00 per month and allows you to pause your account and keep all of your unused credits, saved searches, account settings, account history, previous downloads etc. 

Please note: 
While your account is on pause, you can re-download any previously downloaded leads, but you cannot search or download new leads. 

With the pause/hibernation plan, you can reactivate your account again at anytime. 

Here are the instructions to pause your account:

1) Login to your account

2) At the top right corner click your name, then click "Billing" on the drop down.

3) You will then see a section at the bottom labeled "cancel your account", click the button to the right of it named "Close your account".

4) After you click "Close your account", the very first popup you see will give you the option to pause your account, follow the prompts.

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