How do I upload a list to suppress or exclude from future lists?

You can run a suppression based on email address, URL or phone number.  Here is a video tutorial on Exclusions:

Here are detailed step by step instructions:

  1. First create an excel file with one column with the suppression identifier (i.e. Email Address). Example File: Example Email Suppression List
  2. Once logged in, tab to "My Lists" at the top and then click "Upload a List". You will then see a popup asking what type of list you are uploading. If you are uploading an "email" list to exclude then choose "Email" under the exclusions section in the popup. Then type in a name for your exclusions list, and click "Browse" and upload the exclusions list from your computer.
  3. The exclusions list is now successfully uploaded. Now to apply that exclusions list to a search click on "Search" at the top left corner. Then make your selections for your lead criteria from the left menu such as industry, contact title, etc. Once you have made your selections then on the left menu at the bottom click "Exclusions" then click "Select from My List" - Then you will see a popup and you can select the exclusions list you named/uploaded in step #2. Then click "Apply" & "View Results" and your exclusions list will have been applied to your lead search. 

When uploading the URL list, make sure: 

  • The excel file only has one column 
  • The file should not have a header 
  • URL's should not contain http;//www - so for example, the URL should look like this: or

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